Hello again!

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Taking some data from experimental forest.
Today, me, my friends, and my adviser went to an experimental forest near campus. We took canopy cover data for my friend's research. I brought my camera and took a couple of pictures. Then, my adviser asked me if other Indonesian girls also have a blog. He also told my friends to read my blog, said that my blog is cool and have many beautiful pictures. He is so nice to say those things. I took some time for me to think and answered him.

Well, what he said was not exactly correct. I only wrote once or twice last year. As I grow older, I am not brave enough to write. I was scared people will judge me or think that I am too drama or overshared things or not write things beautifully. Maybe it is all true. Maybe it is not. Then, I remember those times when I just write all my thoughts without having anxiety, without thinking about what other people think. Who will read my blogs anyway, common Diny. Hahaha.

So here I am, coming back to my blog. I am writing in terrible English. I learned how to think in English now, so hopefully writing in English will gradually improve my writings. It felt so good to realize that at least I am getting better to face my own insecurities (and write things in English). The only thing that is important is me, learning to be better in everything that I could and not think about what other people think. Just try to enjoy what I love to do.

It is worth a try. So we'll see!


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