Love your self

Love your self

November 19, 2018

March, 2018

Since I was a little kid, I was well known as a clumsy child. Every time I borrow something from my parents, most likely it will be broken or missing.

I thought that phase was over after I got married. I started to make sure I wont lose my keys, try to clean up my own mess, and get things done. I felt like at some point I became a better person who never loses house keys and can take care of my stuff.

Apparently, that is only the fake Diny. I am still clumsy Diny who easily to broke things. Everything is just another failure. I am a mess.

My friend said this phase will pass. I will be OK. I am doing great. Sooner or later everything will be better.


November, 2018

Wow wow wow, that was tough. How broken you were, lady. But hey, you're still here stand strong. Yes, you will be okay darling. You're as strong as you are. Now you grow older and hopefully wiser, you can handle all of your problems. Even if you're not, your family and friends will always be there for you. Always.

If you make a decision that you think will be best for you and your condition, don't feel bad about it. It is you that is important in your life. Think about your feeling first, before you think about someone else's feeling. Nobody can save yourself accept you. From now and then, learn to count on your self. You should be there for yourself. Even if anybody else says they could be there for you, but you need you, not them. Don't run from yourself. Love yourself better, before you love somebody else.

You got this!

Hello again!

Hello again!

November 18, 2018
Taking some data from experimental forest.
Today, me, my friends, and my adviser went to an experimental forest near campus. We took canopy cover data for my friend's research. I brought my camera and took a couple of pictures. Then, my adviser asked me if other Indonesian girls also have a blog. He also told my friends to read my blog, said that my blog is cool and have many beautiful pictures. He is so nice to say those things. I took some time for me to think and answered him.

Well, what he said was not exactly correct. I only wrote once or twice last year. As I grow older, I am not brave enough to write. I was scared people will judge me or think that I am too drama or overshared things or not write things beautifully. Maybe it is all true. Maybe it is not. Then, I remember those times when I just write all my thoughts without having anxiety, without thinking about what other people think. Who will read my blogs anyway, common Diny. Hahaha.

So here I am, coming back to my blog. I am writing in terrible English. I learned how to think in English now, so hopefully writing in English will gradually improve my writings. It felt so good to realize that at least I am getting better to face my own insecurities (and write things in English). The only thing that is important is me, learning to be better in everything that I could and not think about what other people think. Just try to enjoy what I love to do.

It is worth a try. So we'll see!

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