a little step to be a scientist

Friday, August 2, 2013

As I told you before, I have been Mr. Jatna’s assistant since two weeks ago. He already gave me one task: edit his books. It’s a cool task for me. I like his writing, his opinions about environment is clever. This task encourage me to have ability in good writing, editing, thinking the way environmentalists think, and how to write my opinion about something. Those are the basic skills that scientist must have.

Mr. Jatna also encourages me to have a big dream and become ambitious to achieve that dreams. He gave me many examples from his ex-assistants. His ex-assistants now have become a scientist. He  got the doctoral tittle, works at a good NGO, etc. They can do that because they were prepared with many skills that scientist must have, like writing, fluent in English, analytical thinking, and how to socialize with the experts, before they got opportunities to study abroad.

I also remember, my research supervisors have reminded me to being humble and try to listen other opinions. Hehe.. I know some time I became annoying. But you can’t be a great scientist if everyone hates you. Personality is matter, because a good personality can lead you to many opportunities. I hope always remember those things..

I believe I can be a good scientist someday, not the best but at least good. Who knows someday I can talk about environment or conservation things in front of many experts and students, be part on solving the problem in the world, and make my parents and my supervisors proud of me. Hahaha sounds ambitious..

Those are just a dream. Now, I should do my best very single steps and let God lead me the best way.

Wish me luck!

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