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Friday, March 28, 2014

i became a guest teacher in Semut-Semut Kindergarten in March 24th 2014.

In March 11th 2014, my friend, Restu, ask me if i can be a guest teacher in the kindergarten where she works. And i said yes! (Of course! Why would i say no?). She said the theme of this month is Earth and the Universe, so I planned some activities. I browsed in the internet and choose the main activity. I sent my plan to Restu and she was agree.

That was it! The D-Day i taught class A and class B. I started the class with story telling about moon, sun, wind, and star. And then i talked about astronaut costume that i made (it's DIY project, and very simple! i will post about that later). They were so happy trying that costume, and i was happy too looking at their smile.

After astronaut costume session, i taught them about star constellation. I ask them to regulate a small star constellation with the big one. I really like this session.

And the last, adding activity for class B, i choose 12 kids divided them into 3 groups. Each group hatched a moon phase picture. As simple as that.

I also gave star for every kid who did activities actively.

I was so happy to see their eyes full of questions, sharing stories, joking about something, singing and dancing together, i also met another kindergarten teacher. Being a kindergarten teacher is always become my dream. and today, once again, God give me a chance.

thanks God, i love you!


thanks to Dila for editing my bad English and Restu for taking those picture.

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