I did it!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

After several months of struggling with my thesis, I finally passed my thesis defense!

My thesis defense was awesome. I started my day with Taylor Swift's new song, ME!. That song resonated with me as I embracing my individuality and having fun with my self. I took a shower while listening to 'Dance It Out' playlist from my Spotify. I danced and sang and jumped around. I wore dark blue kebaya, blue batik shirt, and a brooch. I had leftover Chinese food for breakfast, with a pinch of boncabe on the fried rice. After I had breakfast, my roommate helped me to blow-dry my hair. Then, I packed my stuff while waiting for a friend who will pick me up. I went to school at around 10 am.

Kebaya set that I choose last year.
The sun shines brightly. The blue skies and little cloud welcomed me to enjoyed that day. I arrived at school and met my advisor. He wore a blue shirt! We were color coordinated beautifully. I had lunch with him and my labmates. Then went to the defense room. I prepared my stuff while listening to some Indonesian traditional music. I am happy a lot of my friends come to the defense.

Me and Pete

The time has come. Pete introduced me, I was just standing in front of the audience with my wide smile. I can't help myself to smile. I am excited, nervous, and happy. Then, I started my presentation. I was a little nervous in the first part. Sometimes I forgot what to say. I took a breath, smiled, and talked again. Haha. I just can't help to smile when I messed up. I finished my presentation after maybe around 45 minutes as I planned. There were a couple of questions.

soo serious
After I finished my presentation, I took pictures with my friends. I went to room 102 for the defense. My committee member asked questions. There were several questions that I can't answer, but overall it went well. After two hours, they asked me to go out of the room. I waited for 5-10 minutes at the atrium. I wanted to go pee, but I don't want to go to the restroom before I passed my defense. After some time, Pete asked me to go back to room 102. He announced that I passed my defense!! Yay!! What a day!

Me and all my committee members
Me with IndoMafia and Lori

I was super duper stressful last semester. But, this semester I tried to enjoy it more. Sometimes, I felt hopeless and upset with my self. That's normal. Most of the time I really really enjoy the process. It was so much fun!

I feel like defense is a final party, to celebrate all the efforts I spent these past months. The party was a blast. I learned a lot of things, happy, and fulfilled.

I am proud of my self.


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