Things I learned about my self during COVID pandemic

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A pretty sunset from my home.

It has been more than a year in pandemic. I would say I learned a lot about my self during these long tiring hard times. I believe a lot of people feel the same thing. We are pushed into a weird time of our lives that give us time to sit with ourself.

I listed down some things I learned about my self on the first three months of pandemic and I wrote another list a year after pandemic. I thought I will share my a-year-after-pandemic list, so, here it is..

  1. I love life! <3 
  2. I am capable of rebuilding my life even during pandemic.
  3. Building a healthy sleeping pattern is super hard.
  4. I enjoy learning and relearning.
  5. Gardening still makes me happy, so does exercising.
  6. When I am physically and mentally healthy, I feel like I can do anything.
  7. Everyone is more stressful and lonelier during pandemic. I am not alone.
  8. I truly value social connection. I want to build a deeper and meaningful relationship with my inner circles.
  9. Joy can be find in little things in life.
  10. Even though it is hard, I am capable of slowly forgive my self and others who have hurt me in the past. It can take a long time to process it but it is doable. 
  11. When I got COVID early this year, I thought about death quite often. I think I've been enjoying my life, and people that I love knows that I love them. I think it is okay if I die, but I really want to live.
  12. I dislike online grocery shopping.
  13. I wonder if I have take time to properly grief that the world before pandemic may not come back. It is and will be a new world out there.
  14. Sometimes I feel lonely. I feel lonely more often during pandemic, but who doesn't?? 
  15. Pandemic is hard for everyone but we are all sailing with different boats.
  16. I am very grateful for my family's and friends' health.
  17. I am attached to my phone. I might be addicted to my phone in a non-healthy way. Phone and social media have become the main distractions of my regular life during pandemic.
  18. I am tired of these whole pandemic protocols. I still follow the rules, but it doesn't mean I like it.
  19. I like testing my boundaries.
  20. When I am comfortable of being vulnerable, I tend to be more open, honest, and respect my self and others. I want to put more intention on those things.

    That is all for now.

    Wish you all have a healthy and happy life.


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