Life is a Gift

Friday, May 7, 2021

It came across my mind again, couple weeks after my birthday, that life is truly a gift.

Through life, we found meaningful connections. Sometimes we meet those who will inspired us for a long time. Sometimes we meet certain people in a brief, but that person leave marks deeply in our heart. Sometimes we meet people in random places, but end up friends for life.

I used to be easily awe-struck with smart people, but now I think I am more enjoy connecting with kind people. There is something inside kind people's heart. Especially those who speak and act kindly, honestly, respectfully to their self, to others, and to people around them.

Life is a process. For example, apparently, our parents, who we look up for, are not perfect. They are also human with all the imperfection. It isn't easy to accept that they are not perfect. We want them to be perfect, we saw them being perfect and it seems like they knew everything in life. By the time we reached certain age, we realised that they are not perfect. And that's totally okay. We can process our feelings and gradually learn to love them unconditionally, as they love us unconditionally.

Life is vibrant. I am privileged to see beautiful places. I saw pretty things, pretty places. In landscape, in forest, in somebody's ocean blue eyes, and many more. 

In my life, I am surrounded by things I like and things that give me joy. That everything is come to place exactly in the right time. I am in a right place and mind. That things are enough and I am enough. 

Life is a gift. A gift in term of time. We can fix what has been broken. We can learned from our mistakes in the past. We are alive that's why we can be a better version of us.

Life is a gift. A gift to love and loved, by people who truly care about us and we care about them. We have time to give appreciation, affection, and compassion to those people. We can share our happiness, sadness, and all things in life that come up along the way. 

Life is a gift. It gives us space to learn anything we want to learn. We can learn foreign language, new subject, learn about life, or anything we want. We are still living that we may have the resources to learn anything anytime.

The picture in the post inspired me to this note. It is made by a new friend, as a special birthday gift. This picture makes me think about a lot of gifts I have received in life. I finally know what makes me happy and what's important in my life. My life is like that big box in the middle of cute plants. It is growing, surviving, thriving, and improving.

I wish my life can also be a gift to other people. Maybe one day..

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