Jumping Off a Rocky Ledge in Sedona

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Hello fellas,

As an attempt to preserve some memories, I would like to write memorable trips I did in the US. 


This one is a major throwback to the very first trip I did in Flagstaff. I was just arrived, and it was my third day I in Flagstaff. I barely grasp the idea that I was right in the US, pursuing my dreams to study abroad. 


One of the Indonesian fellows, Dany, asked me and my roommate, Thalita, if we would like to join a trip to Sedona with a church youth group she met in International House. International House is kinda like a kos-kos-an (boarding house) for international student. And the church youth group had get-together activities like hiking. I though this probably like tafakur alam in Muslim community back home. 


So, I definitely said yes. 


She picked me and my roommate about 8 am. She introduced us to CJ from the International House. So, four of us, me, my roommate, CJ, and Dany drove down to Sedona. Little did I know this small town will be my favorite place of all time in the world.


It took about an hour drive from Flagstaff to Sedona. The views were amazing! I amazed by the variety of landscapes in this scenic route. Pine forest changed into shrubs, light color rocks changed to red color rocks. It was all beautiful.


We arrived and parked in a small parking lot. Then, we met the other group from the church youth group. CJ and Dany introduced us to them. There were around 20 people, mostly undergrads. They were all smiley, friendly, and fun.


Well, this was new to me. Hiking in a not-so-tropical-area. Hiking with lots of strangers. It was super exciting!

The hiking trails were not too far from the main road. We walked about 10 minutes. The trail was ended in a small river. We called it curug in West Java. But there, we call it a river. 


The weather was nice, not too chilly or hot. The air was super dry. My tropical skin hasn’t adapted to a dry and chilly weather, but it was all good. 


The other folks started swimming in the river. They jump from a short cliff on the other side of the river. At first, I was just looking at them, laughing and just observing them.


And then, I decided to join them, jumping from the little cliff. It was cool. At that time, I barely can swim. I did not know how to float. The river was a little deep, probably 2 meters deep, so I can't touch the riverbed. 


But hey, let’s try it!

I followed them to the cliff, and I jumped! Even though I cannot swim. Hell yeah.


The water was very fresh and cold. I was able to swim back to the riverside. And one of the them helped me to get the riverside. Hahaha.


From that very first trip, I know this journey will be lots of yes to new things. I knew I will enjoy every bit of it. I knew it will explore my boundaries. Figuring out if I could find the other sides of me that never been explored.


So, it was such a nice first trip. A celebration of my accomplishment. A great preamble experience that starts a really fun experience. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stories as much as I do.


Thank you for reading.




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