Sunday, October 15, 2023

I used to believe that in this whole universe, there is one special person that is meant for us. Someone who we often called as 'the one'. A person whom I can proclaim as something like, "oh I wonder why it won't work with others, because they were not meant for me". A thought that with that particular person, we can do it all easily, effortlessly.

In Bahasa Indonesia, we probably called it 'jodoh'. Jodoh means something that matches so that it become partner/pair. Suitable. Appropriate. Meant to be.

I thought that the concept of the romantic jodoh like a Disney story where you meet a person and it is just works well and easy. A lady with a prince charming that last forever and ever. They will concur all the problems in their world.

Until a couple of years ago, my idea of jodoh has changed. 

I think jodoh is not only things that are easy. It has something to do with what we do continuously but also it is beyond our control. It is written in the sky, but also has a day-to-day job with a regular review period. 

Is it jodoh if it not last forever? Well, my personal experience was the first thing that helped me learned that jodoh can have an end line. Something can be a jodoh as long as He allowed and gave you a chance to have or experience it. When it ends, the jodoh period also ends.

Everything has an end. And that's what makes things special. We only get things for limited time.

I think this understanding creates a deeper meaning in my life. Things that happened in my life is not gonna be forever. Therefore, I will cherish things and person that I have in my life right now. 

Even when life goes well, there won't be a guaranty the jodoh we love dearly will be with us tomorrow. And now, one of the scariest thing in my life is learning to trust jodoh concept again, even if there is no tomorrow.

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